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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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You had your family portraits taken, but now what should you do with them? Other than displaying them on your walls or crafting memorable photo albums, holiday cards are a great way to share the love and beauty your family has to give. We provide custom holiday cards to our clients at a reasonable cost. We offer both simple, clean designs as well as more elaborate designs with foil accents. Pair any design with a set of matching address labels, and you’re ready to go!

5 Reasons to Send Christmas Cards

If you’re contemplating the decision to send holiday cards out this year, here are five great reasons why you should!

1. Everyone still loves receiving mail!

You know that feeling you get when you see a card in the mailbox (that doesn’t look like a bill) with your name on it? The little kid inside of us still gets excited about what’s inside and who took the time to send something just to us. Snail mail elicits a sense of joy that an email or text message just can’t. Plus, you’re sure to spread holiday cheer—who doesn’t love seeing their mailbox full of beautiful cards with updated pictures of friends and family?

2. You get to show off your gorgeous family.

Just as you enjoy keeping up with your loved ones, they’ll also enjoy seeing how much your kids have grown and how you have changed over the years. It’s a great way to reconnect! You invested in your family portraits, so why not show them off?

3. Show loved ones you care.

When you send holiday cards, you show your closest friends and family (from both near and far) that you are thinking about them during the holiday season. They will feel remembered, loved, and appreciated when they receive your card in the mail. As a bonus, others will also feel more inclined to send you a heartwarming card showcasing their families in return!

4. You have a ready-made card for gifts.

Instead of trying to find a different card for every person you buy a gift for, you can use these as your go-to cards. Plus, your friends and family will appreciate these personal cards even more and have fun displaying it to brighten their homes. (I still hang mine on a garland across my fireplace mantle every year.)

5. They provide a personal touch in business marketing.

If you own a small business or want to showcase a service you provide, holiday cards are a warm, personable way to reach out and connect with potential clients. You can also send them to co-workers to bring a smile to their faces or to current clients to show how much you appreciate their business.



As a premier Colorado holiday photographer, I would love to help you fill your gallery wall with timeless memories and precious moments. Let's chat!

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