Elise Blooms in Littleton
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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Last week we photographed our mommy & me mini sessions in the pink spring blooms on the crab apple trees.  Our last sessions ended on Friday right before the storm hit.  I missed out on getting photos of my daughter in the blooms so yesterday we headed out to see if they had survived the snow.  

My daughter wasn't super happy to begin with and she knew what we were up to but I had bribed her with a treat if she would take just a few photos. 

To my surprise, most of the blooms are still on the trees!!! Yay! We can sneak a few more mommy & me sessions in.  Some of the branches had broken off especially the lower ones, but it still is gorgeous and now the grass will be super green as well.

Just when I got her happy enough to take a few pics, a giant clump of melting snow fell on her.... and she WASN'T happy at all.

But she recovered when a giant clump fell on my head! She thought that was hysterical! 

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