Extended Family Session
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Thursday, March 14, 2019
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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In 1816, a man named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce decided he was done waiting for a painter to capture portraits (can you really be in the moment when you have to sit still for that long?). He captured the very first partially-successful photograph using a small camera he pieced together himself. That was just the beginning, and in 1839, the first complete practical photographs began taking shape.


We’ve come a long way since then, realizing that a picture is worth a thousand words. But now, with camera access at our fingertips, we can make a moment out of anything, sometimes diluting the art of photography. But I think many of us know that not all pictures are created equal. That’s why some pictures end up lost in the void of our iPhone albums, and only the best of the best end up gracing our walls, albums, and holiday cards.


These grandparents wanted to capture some lasting memoirs—beyond smartphone selfies—with their grandkids. They asked their two daughters to bring their kids along for an outdoor photo session. Grandparent sessions with their grandkids are always some of my favorites because they are so meaningful—multi-generational photos increase with value over the years. How special it is to have everyone together!


Originally, we were just going to photograph the grandparents with the grandkids, but I think we all knew that the whole group would end up in there. The parents even dressed the part, just in case. When they asked for a few family and group photos, I jumped at the chance to capture this moment for them. Even with a large group, they all coordinated so well. I loved their color palette for the fall theme. The pops of yellow, teal, cobalt, and blue looked perfect together—just the right amount of color without detracting from their gorgeous smiles.


What a great session with this special family! I felt so honored to be able to take these photos for them.

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Sharon Arnoldi - Aw this session sounds like so much fun I hope you have an awesome time in Pagosa Springs, I'm out of town during those two dates in June.
Karen Ehlig - Interested in short family session. 6 adults and 5 children (8,6,3,1 and 4 months.) CD with digital release needed. June 25 or 26 in Pagosa Springs. Outdoor photo please