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Friday, September 21, 2018
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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If I could just bottle up some energy from this little guy, I could run for days—it would be better than coffee. This was a family mini session during the fall season in Evergreen, Colorado.

With the sights and sounds of nature all around us, this little man had no time to sit still for the camera—there was a big old world out there waiting for him to explore! He laughed, ran, and pointed things out, but by far, his favorite activity was collecting sticks. Full of spunk, he was completely enamored by life, and his joy was infectious.

Harnessing my Inner Toddler

After trying to get him to sit still for individual photos (to no avail), I tried another tactic by harnessing my inner toddler. We began to hunt for bunnies in a breathtaking clearing. Full of curiosity, he snuck around, peaking behind every tuft of grass and patch of brush. The pictures were exactly what I was hoping for. I caught a few of him in a state of deep contemplation, focusing on where a bunny might hide. I also got a few of him exploring, looking like a handsome little man on a mission.

Finally, at the end, we got a few images of him playing with mom and dad as they swung him high in the air. Giggles immediately erupted, no doubt scaring off any bunnies if there ever were any. I had so much fun with the shoot, and it reminded me to pause every once in a while to view life through the eyes of a child.



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Kerry - Those photos are so authentic and not staged at all. That’s what I appreciate about you. You are patient enough to wait for the family to reveal themselves to you. Great shoot!