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Thursday, December 27, 2018
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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This was such a special family session and honestly a combination I don’t see all that often. These two proud grandparents headed over to Fly’n B Park to take some late fall photos with their two gorgeous granddaughters. These are the family moments we live for, and it was a magical session. I am so excited to finally share it with you on my blog!

Treasured Memories

During the entire session I kept thinking that I wish I had photos like this of my brother and I with my grandparents. These memories will be treasured for years! Sometimes we forget to set aside time for these photo opportunities—we feel like those precious memories will stay engrained in our minds forever. But as time goes on, those images in our mind get a little fuzzy. That’s what I love so much about photography and a huge reason I chose this career: it freezes those memories for us so we can look back on that time over and over again!

We shot in the dried-up river bed at Fly'n B Park—a magical place once the leaves have all fallen off. It’s the perfect color pallet for a dreamy post-fall, almost-winter session. The girls’ mom even sneaked into a few photos, and we were able to get a super cool three-generation shot! We shot their family session earlier this year, and the grandparents were jealous and booked their own session! ;) We did this session at the same park, so I was determined to make sure their photos had a different, special touch for this grandparents + grandkids session. I’m in love with how they turned out!



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