How to Properly Arrange a Gallery Wall
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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Gallery walls are very trendy at the moment, but they also have a timeless, classic appeal. They can be used to tie a room together, fill an awkward space, make use of a collection of photos, or to tell a story in visual form. Gallery walls are somewhat flexible and forgiving, but following a few guidelines can make them look professional, creating a polished visual statement in a room.

Properly Displaying a Timeless Collection

Of course, if you go on Pinterest and search for “gallery walls,” an overwhelming amount of options pop up—everything from shelving combinations, simple photo walls, and mixtures of wall accents and décor fill the screen. How do you pick? You can start by looking at what you already have that you want to display in your home and go from there. Choosing some varying textures and colors adds depth, or you can keep it more simple and uniform if you already have a lot going on in the room. Ideally, you’re trying to create balance in your room—adding too much diversity can become overstimulating. Even if you’re covering a large wall, create a contained space so that it doesn’t seem too sporadic, enabling your wall to clearly stand out. 

If you are looking for quality frames to accentuate and fill in your gallery wall, frames from The Organic Bloom are perfect. You can personalize them, and they provide whimsical statement pieces that complement your photos/art without detracting from them. They offer many options: single, double (kind of neat because they create an inverted look), multi-opening, and custom frames. They also offer many styles. Some are more simple and classic but with a fun color, others are rustic chic made out of reclaimed wood for a more nostalgic effect. Check them out for inspiration to help create the gallery wall you’ve always wanted!



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