Meet The Chicks
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Thursday, May 19, 2016
By Chance Hastings
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From Chance, The Sharon Arnoldi Photography Studio Manager

"I am a country girl at heart, always day dreaming about my farmhouse in the country with a wrap around porch and rope swing hanging from a huge tree and chickens running around all over.  This is where I get a little crazy....the chickens part.  I have wanted chickens for years.  I have held off having chickens by buying things like chicken tablecloths...chicken plates...chicken decor in general....and pinning fun chicken coops on my Chicken board on Pinterest.  But this year my oldest son, AJ, was in third grade. And one of the super cool things about being in third grade is that they get to hatch CHICKS, and families can adopt them!!!  I knew this was coming.  I convinced myself to wait until I had my farmhouse in the country.  Then the email came with the Egg Cam where we were able to watch the chicks hatch live on Mother's Day.  I thought I would check it out for AJ.  Then I became a little obsessed watching these baby chicks, so I thought I would go to the informational meeting on how to care for chicks just in case one day we had our own.   Well you can guess what happened next. "

Meet Daisy Mae.  She is a feisty chick.  She loves to look at herself in the mirror, and is quickly establishing herself as the head hen. 

Meet Marigold.  She is the smallest chick and has feathery feet.  She is content just perching by herself, and flapping her wings.  We think she has big dreams of flight. 

Meet Polly Ann!  Polly Ann stands out as our gray chick with feathery feet.  She is a bit sassy too...sometimes pecking at her sister hens just to stir up some fun in the brooder. 

Meet Poppy!  Poppy is our golden color hen!  She is a funny chick that just does her own thing.  She can often be found perching and sleeping in the funniest spots in the brooder...the top of the food jar...the top of the mirror...

Stay tuned to see more of our crazy chicken adventure and see our silly hens grow!  They are about a week and half old now, and will start laying eggs when they are 6 months old.  We are head over heels in love with these girls, and so glad we adopted them! 

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Brooke - These are fantastic! I want little chicks now.
Miqui - Hahaha, oh my goodness!! Those little set ups are so adorable!
Julie - Ha these are amazing and I am dying over the chick in the hot pink car!
Christa - Super adorable pics! Love the staging :)
Jenae - OMG these are amazing!!lol! That plane one is ridiculous!! ;)) So sweet.
Michelle - These are awesome! We had baby chicks growing up and I just loved it!
Belinda - hahaha This is the best shoot ever. I loooove this. So fun!! Eeek
Sarah - I am chicken obsessed (we have close to 30, with 40 more eggs incubating). I have never thought of doing a styled shoot with them and find these to be so fun and original!
Brittanh - They're soooooo cute!!!
Katie Green - OMG these are hilarious! I love the little setups! I want to dress up chicks now for photoshoots. Let me know if you need an assistant :) HAHAHAHA!
Jean Wolach - These photos are amazing!!!! Thank you for capturing our baby chicks!!!!