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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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The first time I released Mommy & Me sessions was the year after Elise was born.  I took all of her newborn photos, but something was missing...a photo of Elise and me together.  I missed out on the opportunity to capture mother and newborn daughter forever, and it pulled at my heart.  It made me realize how important these kind of photos are.  We have since had many Mommy & Me photo shoots that we can cherish always.  I want Elise to be able to look back on the times we had together and know how very loved she is.  I want her to look back at the silly times...the hugs...the kisses...the fun.  There are many reasons we avoid being in photos, but I am here to tell you don't hide from the camera because of how you view your imperfections.  Your kids will not see imperfections...they will only see you as their mom and your love for them.  Don't miss out on capturing these fleeting moments.  The love these photos hold is at the core of my beliefs as a mom and a photographer.  They tell the story of our love for our children. 

We are super excited to have a bunch of different Mommy & Me session options this year!  To learn more about all of our Mommy & Me mini sessions click HERE

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