My Brother's Wedding
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
By Sharon Arnoldi
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So my little brother is marrying the love of his life on July 16, 2016.  I am so excited for him and I can't wait to celebrate with him soon in Pittsburgh for his wedding.  I have a pretty exciting job title for the wedding "flower girl wrangler".  Yes you read that right my little 3.5 yr old will be the flower girl! I am crazy excited to watch her proud flower girl moment at her Uncle Steven's wedding.  

                               STEVEN (my brother) & MEGAN (Iphone Pic from Disney last year) 



Steven holding my daughter, Elise .... his soon to be flower girl 3 years ago

I will be instagramming some pics from the day once I return so be sure to follow me @sharonarnoldi . Of course they have hired an amazing professional wedding photographer too... they defintiely won't be relying on me since I'll have that little girl wrapped around my finger. I can't wait to dance with her - if she'll dance and I really hope they do some sort of line dance we can participate in as well. 

I just love going to weddings they always make me cry. I can't help but remember moments from the very day I married the love of my life! James and I got married on a brisk fall morning in Silverton, Colorado.   I bet you can't believe this but photography was the most important thing to me to plan for my wedding.  I booked my photographer before I booked my venue (I was that crazy bride).  It was important to me to have all our family and friends who traveled from out of town captured forever in amazing photographs and I'd be proud to display in my home forever.  I chose for our ceremony to be at 9:00 AM, and I wouldn't suggest that to anyone.  We got up crazy early to start getting dressed in a tiny town with no hotels (just a few bed and breakfasts).  My aunt did my hair & makeup! She is awesome! We were married at a little white gazebo towards the outside of the tiny little town in a box canyon filled with yellow aspen trees and then immediately following our ceremony we hired a jeep tour company to take EVERYONE up to the top of Kendall Mountain.  We did our formal photos up there in the Aspen trees and with an amazing view of the city down below.  We really wanted our wedding day to reflect our personalities and take everyone on a mini adventure vacation.  After our jeep tour we were dropped off at the Silverton-Durango Railroad where we had rented a box car on the "fall special photographers" train for all our guests and took a 3 hour train ride back to Durango (where our hotel was). 

There was nothing really fancy about it all, but it was completely 100% us and that was what was most important. I even have a photo of me wearing my wedding dress with my "cow pajama pants" peeking out from under - oops. It was snowy on the top of the mountain and all us ladies in dresses improvised for warmth :). 



I am over the moon excited to experience my brothers wedding and so excited to take part in his amazing day, and make memories that he will remember forever.  Maybe we can also get another awkward photo of us dancing together... haha!

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