Our Gardening Adventure!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016
By Sharon & Chance
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We are super excited to have a 10'x20' garden plot in one of the Highlands Ranch community gardens this year!!!  Eek!!!  There is just something so magical about watching tiny, little seeds grow into big plants that provide us food!  We have been carefully nurturing our seedlings for a couple weeks now, and our homes are starting to look a little like green houses as our seedlings take over tables, counters, and window sills.  Ha!

As part of this new gardening adventure, we attended the community garden event at Wilmore Nursery Garden Center last week! We learned soooooo much about how to prepare our soil, what seeds to plant when, how to properly water our garden throughout the season, and so much more...including that gardeners are a super fun group of people and that we do not know what we are doing yet, but we are eager to learn as we go!  Do you garden?!  What are your best Colorado gardening tips?!

Here is a before photo of where our garden plot is!  We are excited to see how this view changes as our plants grow!!!

P.S. If you live in HRCA (Highlands Ranch) and want more info on garden plots you can visit this site here: http://highlandsranch.org/services/natural-resources/community-gardens/

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Jennifer Mason - These are so great! It reminds me that I need to get my garden in :) Love that last shot so much!
Nicole - Great editorial pictures of the start of your gardening adventures. Please continue this series at the end of the season so we can see what you grew on your land! I don't have any tips as I'm just getting into gardening myself, but good luck!
Suzanne Jakes - These are great! I am new to CO from CA, so we have land for the first time that we can actually garden on! Still waiting for winter to be over! So cool that you have your own plot. Good luck with all of your food! Can't wait to see pictures!
Redden Wood - I haven't gardened in years, and the last time was in Chicago; So i'm afraid I don't have anything to contribute when it comes to tips. However, your images really capture the community, life and spirit that comes from giving life to something that in-itself is so life-giving!! I can't wait to see how your garden changes and grows this summer, as well as the joy it will bring your family. Great pictures!!!! :)
Haley Allen - How fun! My green thumb is black, but maybe I could grow a garden if I had this kind of space. I'm excited for you and to see how this turns out!