Texas Family Visits Colorado
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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It’s hard to beat a mountainscape painting. Mountains have a certain allure that evoke feelings of peacefulness and adventure at the same time. But imagine being able to take family portraits in that setting with a majestic mountain ridge filling the background. Then add in a lake and vibrant pine trees all around. How amazing would those photos be?!

A Love as Big as Texas

This Texas family loved the idea so much that they returned for another round of mesmerizing photos. I shot the younger sister’s senior portraits in May this year, and we had so much fun during the session that the family wanted to come back in August for family portraits. We shot at an overlook near Lake Dillon in Dillon, CO.

These Texans love visiting Colorado and wanted some scenic photos. In my opinion, the best place to take family portraits is somewhere that carries meaning and holds memories for your family. That makes the photo so much more special. Every time you look at it, you will remember the times that you had together—the adventures, the conversations, and most importantly the love that you shared when you were there. Those kinds of pictures are priceless and just can’t be replicated in a studio. I urge clients struggling to pick a location for portraits to choose a place that they really love—downtown in front of your favorite coffee shop, out on your favorite trail, or beneath a gorgeous sky. What represents you best? What images will take you back in time and flood your mind with precious memories?

That is what this family did, and I think they turned out perfect. Thank you for letting me capture some of life’s greatest moments for you!



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