What to Wear for Senior Photos
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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Deciding what you're going to wear for your senior photographs is so important! These are photographs that you and your family will cherish forever. They are images that will likely be put up in your parents' home, on your graduation announcements, and even put in your yearbook....no pressure, right?! It's a great idea to pick out a few outfits that you'd like to wear for your photographs. I would suggest bringing one outfit that is more casual and another that is more formal or indicative of your current hobbies and interests. 
Make sure that you choose outfits that match your personality, make you feel comfortable, and fit with the location of your session. If we will be hiking during your session, make sure to bring a separate change of shoes. You don't want to be wearing hiking boots in all of your photos! 
When choosing your outfits, pick outfits that don't have big names or labels across them and that aren't too busy with patterns or designs. It's best to choose natural or neutral colored outfits. While we want your outfit to accentuate and highlight your natural beauty, we want you to be the star of the photographs - not your clothes. You can also choose outfits that represent your high school experience. It's always fun when seniors bring or wear something from the sport or club they've participated in throughout high school!
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