Why is photography Important?
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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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I know that taking pictures is easier than ever with fairly high-quality cameras right at our fingertips. With constant access to our phones, we now have the pleasure of taking in-the-moment photos wherever we are. BUT as you scroll back through the sea of photos stuck in your phone or posted on social media, how many of those will you actually print out and use in frames or albums? How many have been taken in optimal lighting and professionally refined? How many are sized correctly and designed well enough to be the focal point on your mantel?


Even though we have the awesome convenience of taking pictures of our day to day lives – which I am so thankful for and love! – there’s still significant value in taking professional portraits. 


Here are 5 reasons you should schedule that family session this year:


  1.     Preserve Memories

A professional family photography session is a great way to get the whole family together – looking their best— to take heirloom-type photos that can be shared and passed down over the years. They will be heartfelt, authentic images you treasure. The candid life shots are great, too! But sometimes it’s nice to have extra high-quality photos for special occasions like framing, cards, and mementos. 


  1.     Celebrate Milestones

Professional photography is a great way to prioritize and appreciate those big moments in life that deserve more than a common selfie: baby’s first birthday, graduations, 50thbirthdays, engagements, etc. By scheduling a photography session, you can celebrate the moment and freeze it in time to look back on later.


  1.     Document Growth

Even if you aren’t celebrating an extra special occasion, it’s great to take professional portraits each year to truly document how much has changed – and what will always stay the same – from year to year. The kiddos will seem like they grow a foot each year, and Mom and Dad may have some extra “glimmer” in their hair, but the family togetherness, love, and unique personalities are always the same.


  1.     Receive Unique Products

We have all fallen victim to the iPhone black hole of photos. Once a picture goes in there, it never comes back out. How often do you print the photos you’ve taken on your phone each year? When you take professional photos, you’ll have a scheduled meeting to go over the prints or products that you want after your session rather than having it sit on your to-do list for months.


  1.     Spend Quality Time

Photography sessions are great ways to set aside some family time. Our outdoor shoots take place at breathtaking locations with space to relax and explore. The shoots really are fun and a good way to get everyone together again!

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