WPPI 2016 - Las Vegas Wedding & Portrait Photography Convention
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016
By Sharon Arnoldi
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Soooo I've spent the last 10 days at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Photography Convention in Las Vegas and it has been crazy inspiring to see tons of different photographers up on stage pouring their hearts out to better the photography community and teaching what has worked and what hasn't worked for them.  Chance, the Sharon Arnoldi Photography studio manager, came out to join me for a few days of the expo and attend classes with me as well! All through the classes I jotted down ideas to improve things, ways to make things easier on clients, new posing ideas, marketing ideas and just tons of inspiration its kinda like a brain overload.  

On the last day, I woke up with an amazing new session idea and it comes directly from my heart which is amazing and so powerful but even harder to explain the idea in words.  On the plane ride home I wrote down my idea for the session, along with a marketing plan and a promo piece and at one point my husband leaned in and asked if I was writing a novel it was all just pouring out of me and it really ties in to what I believe so it should be amazing. I know I am totally leaving you hanging... sorry for that but I am crazy excited and I may not have come up with the plan so quick had I not just been at the convention. We are going to be releasing more details in April.... on April 10th at the Macaroni Kid Summer Camp Fair (we have a booth) soooo please stop by and come talk to us and let us inspire you. :) P.S. Chance will be working the booth and I'll be floating around documenting the event. Wildlife Experience in Parker, April 10th 10AM - 3PM 

We wanted to share something fun with you from our trip... watch our slideshow:

If the video won't start click here: WATCH NOW



Vegas Highlights - 

Attending an entire wedding for a couple I'd never met & photographing it with my iphone

Taking the wrong bus & ending up in the real downtown Vegas <-- Adventure!

Listening to photographers speak their hearts out and letting down their business guard

Celebrating my husbands birthday by going up to the top of the "Eiffel Tower", drinking endless champagne & eating at Gordan Ramsey restaurants

Seeing "Christina" from Hells Kitchen!!!!

Chance dropping her entire cupcake and coating both of us with frosting <-- Hysterical

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