Summer Camping
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016
By Sharon Arnoldi Photography
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We love camping!  We love escaping the day to day routine and just being out in nature.  We love the fresh air, the sunshine, the wild flowers, hiking, doing crafts and playing games outside, sitting around the campfire, and just slowing down.  And all these things are so much better when you can enjoy them with good friends!  So we set out to find a weekend this summer that would work for both of our turned out that the only weekend we both had open was the weekend at the end of our epic road trip to Texas.  That didn't slow our adventurous spirits down!  We left Texas at 3:00am Friday morning, drove 15 hours with 4 kids, got home, repacked, and were back on the road to our camping destination by Friday night!  Although us road tripping mamas were a bit tired, the kids seems to have endless energy and are always up for our next adventure!

We drove just about 45 minutes down the road to our camping spot off Rampart Range Road.  Rampart Range was a bit bumpy, but our camping spot was a fun spot with awesome forest behind us for hiking.  We got all set up, settled in, and made dinner and s'mores around the camp fire when we arrived. 

We explored the forest, carved wood with the sun and a magnifying glass, played cards, rescued a frisbee stuck way up in a tree, threw the said frisbee, made crafts with sticks and yarn, checked out the stars and laughed a lot. 

We were all super dirty by the end of the weekend, but totally refreshed.  And that is what camping and childhood memories are all about right?!  Exploring, laughing, sticky s'mores fingers and playing in the dirt! 

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